Technical Approach

Our expert team of developers provide great quality code, with regular code reviews and a dedicated QA pass to ensure pixel-perfect adherence to your design files.

Development Process

Across all products we employ the following processes to ensure the highest quality technical product possible.

Pixel-Perfect Design

Using customized tools we make sure the mobile app is exactly like your designs

Continuous Integration

Use Continuous Integration to allow you to get frequent updates and app builds as the project is in process

Custom UI Controls

Build custom controls for your UI, which are reusable accross the project

Data Binding

Provide easy options for databinding to the UI so your business logic slots in quickly

iOS Projects

By default, we use the latest version of Swift and lay out code without storyboards, using auto-layout.

We offer the following options for iOS:

  • Use storyboards / xibs instead of code-only.
  • Use an MVVM framework such as ReactiveCocoa or Akane.
  • Use Objective-C for legacy codebases.

Android Projects

By default, we use the latest version of Java and lay out code using responsive Android XML, building custom controls where appropriate that can be reused throughout the project.

We offer the following options for Android:

  • Use Kotlin
  • Facilitate data binding with common frameworks such as Butterknife, Google's Data Binding Library

React Native Projects

By default, we use the latest version of React Native with Redux. We use Promises for JavaScript instead of callbacks, generally using ES7 async/await.

We offer the following React Native options:

  • Use a specific React Native version
  • Use Reflux instead of Redux
  • Use patterns such as Flux

Xamarin Projects

By default, we use Portable Class Library and write the majority of the code in XAML while implementing native code when required to make designs pixel perfect.

We offer the following options for Xamarin:

  • Change the MVVM framework to FreshMvvm, MvvmLight, MvvmCross or ReactiveUI
  • Code exclusively in C# (no XAML)
  • Code exclusively in Xamarin Native (no Xamarin Forms)

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